Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Korea Fever

Now, Hallyu fever is outbreaking,Rara come as one of the victim (poisoned by Tante Lia & Tumplink!!). Although I don't care about korean pop, but now I'm gonna make some Korean dish. Mustard and other veggies with spicy seasoning then fermented. Sounds familiar huh? Yep, i will make kimchi.
The recipe is so simple.You just need veggies like white mustard, turnip,cabbage, cucumber and carrot, chop-chop-chop. Give seasoning from salt, sugar, ginger, ground garlic, onion, chilli flakes, vinegar, tomato sauce, fish sauce I also add with crushed Frutescens chili aka lombok jemprit. Mix them well and placed in close bowl. Wait a couple day and your kimchi is ready.
This is my basic white mustard kimchi, look at my munthu & cobek, it's only involve in jogjanese kimchi :p

This is Kimchi I found in google : 
Wow, look hotty
They (korean) use to put it in a jar : 
And it'll last for months 
This is my kimchi :
Almost out of stock, I ate it right after it's fermented. I like pour it in my very delicy Indomie Asian Taste : Bulgogi, completed with real bulgogi I made it by myself (^_^).

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